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Since 2010, Consumer Direct Care Network Texas has supported people who need in-home care. We work to keep a complicated industry simple and provide services that reflect our vision - to help people live the life they want.

What People Say About Us

“Fun and enjoyable especially if you enjoy working with kids. I learn something new every day. I enjoy learning new skills,
tools, and ways to treat my client. This job does require someone who enjoys and has a passion for helping others. This was a great opportunity for me since I enjoy helping others and watch them succeed and attain their goals.”

“Working with Alamo (CDTX) has a very flexible schedule. If you enjoy helping others… this is the company to work for. You communicate with your client and make a schedule that will work for both of you and tend to the client’s needs. You are not only the provider to the client, you also become family.”



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